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Have you ever wondered why you need to register with your church? Can’t you just come to The Service and go about your business? Of course, the short answer to that is, yes, you can. But there are very good reasons to register.

Church is about our experience of God in community. The first step to community is getting to know one another. When people register at the church, it gives the staff an opportunity to know a little about you: your name, where you live, your profession, your interests, hobbies, etc.  It also gives you a chance to know your church better because the staff can then contact you and keep you informed. Registering is the first step toward getting involved and becoming a member of this community.

Are you in a ministry?

Ever wondered why people are so passionate while serving in subcommittees/ dockets in the Christian Union? You possibly could be asking yourself questions like, “why do I need to be in a ministry?” or “why do everyone insist to serve in a given ministry?”

Why you should join a ministry?

The Christian Union a verybig  body with many members and so there in to work out means to enhance accountability among her members. The whole thing about ministrys is to bring fellowship with brethren closer to you. There are diverse ministries in our Christian Union that provide you with platforms to serve God in the different areas that you have a passion in and those that match your talents. The advantages of being in a ministry is one, a conducive atmosphere for spiritual growth when brethren meet and share the Word of truth, development of friendships, growth of talents and acquisition of knowledge and skills to do various tasks.

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