Faithfulness to the Holy Scriptures

A Kingdom-Minded, Christ-Exalting, Multigenerational

Community of Faith

Who We Are

This is The Upper Kabete Campus Christian Union, where it happens the Kingdom’s Way. We are a Gospel-centered, Christ-exalting, and Bible-believing church that exist to spread the renown of Christ within and outside Campus. We believe that at the heart of every Christian’s life is this one great calling that encompasses others: “Knowing God and pursuing Him, for our good and for His Glory”. In light of this, our focus is on the spiritual growth of our members through inductive Bible studies, prayers, witnessing and inviting preachers who faithfully preach God’s infallible, inerrant, perspicuous and authoritative Word. We believe that through the aforementioned, Christ is in increasing measure continually being formed in our hearts. We also

believe that one comes to know Christ in a salvific way by Grace Alone, through Faith Alone in Christ alone, as revealed in the Holy Scriptures Alone, and all this is to the Glory of God Alone.

Upper Kabete Campus Christian union

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Order of Service

The Day of the Lord Worship Service

Sunday Mornig: 8am-11am

                             Intercessory prayers



Friday Night Fellowship: 6.59pm-9.10pm